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Group Self-Catering Accommodation

Here’s the scenario: you and your buddies, say up to 18 of you, want to go away for a few days for a good catch up; you were all at uni together and since then you’ve all grown up, got careers, husbands, children, mortgages, etc. You haven't seen each other for a few years so there's heaps to talk about, and of course you want to have a laugh reminiscing. But you also want to stay somewhere where there’s enough to keep you all entertained – a swimming pool, or a hot tub, a games room, spa facilities, things like that.

Of course lots of very good hotels have all this, but you don’t quite have the freedom you want if you stay in a hotel – breakfast and dinner are served at certain times and you have to share the room with strangers, who let’s face it, can be rather irritating, especially if you’re the sort who just doesn’t do mornings. The man who thinks he’s really funny loudly telling his ‘jokes’ on the next table when you’re eating your full English? Annoying! That woman bragging about her new designer handbag/expensive necklace whilst you bite into your marmalade on toast? Grating! And then if you want to use the pool or the spa, those tiresome ‘other people’ might be there too!

The answer of course is to find fantastic group self-catering accommodation that has the same facilities as a hotel but is all yours for the duration of your stay, somewhere out in the country, surrounded by beautiful countryside, with plenty of room and all the facilities you need for a happy and relaxing break. Our properties are just the ticket.

Group Stays has large group self-catering accommodation that sleeps 8-30 people in Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire, the Forest of Dean and Monmouthshire, plus an impressive town house in Worcester and a romantic chateau in France, not far from Poitiers. We have some stunning rural retreats – English country cottages, old farmhouses, luxury timber-clad lodges, beautiful barn conversions and imposing country houses; self-catering luxury with heaps of space, super-comfy beds, en suite bathrooms, and big fat sofas to curl up on, and just like a hotel all the bedding, towels, even robes and toiletries are supplied. These are beautiful holiday houses with room to play, to cook, to dance and socialise; absolutely spot on for any happy re-union, family holiday, hen party or corporate break.

That self-catering bit needn’t be any bother either – the leading supermarkets will deliver to our properties and you can even arrange to have home made frozen meals delivered to your selected holiday home for your arrival. There’s usually at least one good country pub close by where you can book a table for a good nosh up together, and if you don’t fancy that just book one of our tried and tested professional caterers to come in and they’ll create a scrumptious spread and clear away afterwards – they make it all look so effortless and you don’t even know they’ve been! If you’re happy to do the cooking you’ll find it a doddle as you’ll have all the mod cons you need – ample cooking space, lots of room for slicing and dicing, more than enough pots and pans, crockery and cutlery, and what’s very important – quite often, more than one dishwasher!

The other thing is the good value that group self-catering offers; if you split the total cost of your stay between everyone in your group it works out at less than the price of a good hotel per person, which is remarkable when you bear in mind that you have that complete freedom and flexibility; you can do what you want when you want and you’ll have everything all to yourselves – the indoor pool, the hot tub, the games room, the sauna, and maybe a cosy Nordic style BBQ lodge too. That’s the way to have a proper catch up – it’s so much more relaxing and you’ve got more time to re-group, to take photos, and do you know what? You’ll probably enjoy it so much you’ll want to do it more often.