When You Leave Your Group Stays Holiday House

When You Leave Your Group Stays Holiday House

Please read this useful guide so that you know what's expected when you leave your Group Stays holiday house. This is something we are often asked about and essentially, we ask that you leave the property as you find it, with the obvious exceptions.

It's very important that you leave by the stated departure time - this is usually 10.00am, although there are a few properties where this is 9.30am. You can find this information on your booking confirmation. Bear in mind that charges can be made for late checkout - it takes the domestic team a long time to get the house ready for the next guests and if you don't leave on time it can cause problems.

Please note the following:

  • All rubbish and recycling should be left in the bin area allocated for this.
  • All washing up from your stay should be done and put away (it's fine for the dishwashers to be on with your final load).
  • All kitchen surfaces, including the table should be clean.
  • Any spillages made during your stay should be cleaned up.
  • If any furniture has been moved during your stay, it must be returned to its original position (excluding baby and toddler equipment).
  • You don't need to strip the beds unless the property owner specifically requests this. Towels, etc. that you've used can be left in the bathrooms.
  • If you've used tablecloths and napkins during your stay, please leave them in the utility area. These are sent to the laundry so you don't need to wash them unless you want to re-use them during your stay.
  • If anything is damaged during your stay please let the owner know straightaway, rather than leave it till you leave, or after you've left. That way it's much easier for things to be rectified and the owners really appreciate it.
  • If you feel there is anything missing from the property, or if anything isn't working as it should please let us know. This kind of feedback from guests is particularly useful to us as we don't stay in the properties ourselves. 
  • Before you leave have a final check round all the rooms to make sure you don't leave anything behind and that everything is as it should be.
  • If you had your dog with you during your stay please have a final check of the garden to make sure that all poo is picked up.
  • If a key was left in a key safe or other safe place when you arrived, please make you put it back there for the next guests.

Shortly after your stay you'll receive a link via email asking for your feedback about the property. We would be really grateful if you could complete this as it helps us to make any improvements that are needed.