Electric Vehicle Charging at Holiday Homes

Electric Vehicle Charging at Holiday Homes

We get a lot of enquiries about electric vehicle charging at our holiday homes these days. More and more people are making the switch (excuse the pun) to electric cars and naturally, they need to know where they can charge them whilst on holiday. Several of our large group holiday houses already have EV charging points and many more property owners are now looking into offering this facility. This page tells you what you need to know about electric vehicle charging at our Group Stays self catering accommodation.

The Facts A-Z for each property will tell you if there are EV charging points installed. If you wish to use this facility during your stay, this will need to be added as a chargeable extra after you have made your booking. A handful of our properties have charging stations that work via an App, so you will need to download this to your device in order to charge your vehicle.

Due to insurance purposes, what’s very important is that guests must never charge their car using a standard outdoor plug or an extension cable linking to a domestic plug. This is not permitted because of regulations regarding wiring, earthing rods and voltage restrictions; it poses a serious fire risk to standard 13 amp sockets and there is a real danger that the body of the vehicle could become live. This forms part of our Terms & Conditions and by booking a holiday via Group Stays all guests agree to these rules.

If your chosen holiday house does not have charging facilities you will usually find EV stations within a few miles using this Zap Map.