Rodney Scott - BBQ Menu

Rodney Scott - BBQ Menu



BBQ Menu£12 per head

Minimum of 8 people


Choose 4 different dishes with 3 accompaniments


These menus can be tailored to your individual and personal requirements



Rib eye steak peppered or plain

Moroccan style lamb on skewers with yoghurt & cumin

Local beef burgers with homemade sweet-corn relish

Vegetarian sausages (V)

Spicy lamb burgers with mint crème fraiché

Seared tuna with creamy sweet chilli dressing

Haloumi, courgette, mushroom, red onion & pepper kebabs (V)

Char-grilled tuna steaks & olive tapenade

Pork & courgette kebabs with citrus marinade

Spicy chickpea, courgette & pepper burgers (V)

Local pork sausages

Barnsley chop with garlic, rosemary & mustard seeds

Salmon & monkfish, chorizo skewers

Chicken & courgette kebabs marinated in coriander, mint yoghurt

Roasted vegetable skewers with bang bang reduction (V)

Chicken breast with ginger & lime marinade



Choose three accompaniments from the list below to go with your chosen dishes


Warm local new potato salad with broad bean, pea shoots and Parmesan

Rustic potato, grain mustard & red onion salad

Green salad, with pomegranate vinaigrette

Mango, coconut and coriander rice Salad

Rosemary roasted baby potatoes

Cous cous salad with sun blush tomato, roasted butternut & peppers, pine nuts & basil

Leafy salad with herbs & honey and mustard dressing or raspberry & balsamic vinaigrette



Puddings available on request @ £4.50 a person


Any dietary requirements please ask and all will be considered


Children’s menu available on request or smaller portions made available from your menu