Making your Website Stand Out

Making your Website Stand Out

The holiday letting industry is a competitive market and with so much on offer across the country owners are having to continually keep up with the fast paced changes to the market.

High quality websites that function well on both a computer and mobile device is extremely important. Keeping up to speed with the developments in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as well as website functionality is increasingly important. Potential guests are using the internet for much of the day and see a multitude of different websites for all sorts of daily reasons. Your website needs to compete with these so that potential guests see a modern and easy to use site which will make their experience a more pleasant one.

Here are a few tips for owners to ensure that they are maximising their website

  • Initial attractiveness

It is important that your website has a home page that loads quickly and is easy on the eye. Clean lines and well thought out colours helps to draw the user into the site.

  • An easy to use and find search option.

User want to be able to search straight away for the dates they want. If you do not have online booking the ability to see availability is necessary. The market is fast paced and people will move on if they have to keep making enquiries. Allow them to see what is available.

  • High Resolution pictures

When you go shopping you buy with your eyes. You choose what looks the nicest, you then look at other factors such as price. Potential guests are no different. Gallery pictures and pictures on the homepage need to be up to date, of a high quality and show the best of what you have to offer. Using professional photographers who have access to good lighting methods and who set the scene nicely is an option here. See our information about Quality Pictures for more details.

  • Online booking

More and more people are booking online and this is becoming a deal breaker for taking bookings. People don’t want to wait. They want to book and go through details afterwards. People are very used to being able to buy online and feel comfortable with it. Allow them to do so. Allow online booking, you can contact them afterwards and go through everything then but you will have jumped in before other owners who do not offer this service.

  • Mobile friendly

There is nothing more frustrating that trying to look at a website that hasn’t been optimised for mobile devices. It will get people moving on straight away losing you potential bookings. The majority of people are using mobile devices daily to look at websites. Think of the people commuting home from work trying to find a weekend break as your market.

  • Ease of Use

Websites do not need to be complicated but they do need to be a pleasure to use. Keep up to date with the latest fonts and colours, keep everything similar, fresh and update regularly. If you have special offers make sure these are updated. Ensure links work and contact information is correct.

Please do get in touch on 01823 662231 if you would like some advice about getting the most out of your website. We are happy to help.