Preparing your Property for Guests

Preparing your Property for Guests

Imagine having travelled for a few hours or being stuck in traffic, having navigated unfamiliar roads and then arriving to a cold and unlit property. Doesn’t really sound all that inviting does it?

First impressions are very important and how you prepare your property for guests creates the feel for the rest of their stay. All owners do this in different ways but all properties should be warm and inviting at the very least!

Here are a few tips for ensuring the first impression is a good one.

Lighting and access

Make the property look inviting from the outside and enable the guests to see the property sign and the driveway or door. It sounds obvious but they need to feel like they have arrived at the right place. If it is winter or dark leave some lights on in the property and keep the key accessible and visible. You do not need to be there when they arrive but make sure you have told them how to get in!

Clean and welcoming feel.

It goes without saying that all properties should be clean and tidy when people arrive. Take care with the little things like hovering under beds regularly, corners of bathrooms and cutlery draws. You may think that people are on holiday so not notice these things but they do. All bedrooms and furnishings should be made up with quality linen and covers that invite people to relax and enjoy. If you provide towels and robs these need to be large and replaced frequently so they do not wear out.

Welcome pack and information

Some property owners like to provide a welcome pack for their guests or a little something to add to their stay. From a home baked cake or a bottle of milk in the fridge and some tea bags to a bottle of Prosecco for a Hen Party this always makes people smile and instantly warm to the property and owner. Information packs should be visible and up to date as they are often the first thing that people look at for contact details and how to use items within the house.

The little things

It may be a holiday property but people still like to feel like they are at home. People spend a lot of money on their own houses so want to feel the same standard if not more when they go away. Ensure that décor is kept bright. White walls and little clutter sells a property. Keeping furnishing simple but luxurious creates an ambient feel and makes guests feel looked after. You will find that you will have to replace and redecorate throughout the year to keep on top of things. Make sure there are items that may break such as light bulbs in drawers so they can change them without having to call someone.  Small items such as children’s toys, a board game and some books can be placed out of the way in a cupboard for rainy days and guests love this.


Ensure your guests know where you or your housekeeper is in case of emergency. They wont expect you to pop in, and in fact you should never turn up unannounced, but a contact number or being there on arrival sets a good standard and allows people to feel looked after.