High Quality Photographs

High Quality Photographs

Pictures paint a thousand words or so they say. Well they certainly do in this industry. Holiday letting as we all know is extremely competitive and bookings need to be made quickly and throughout the year as this is income for owners.

At times owners need to spend some money to keep up to date with trends and keep their properties at the forefront of the market. One excellent investment is the photography you are using to promote your properties. 

People want to see the property they are interested in painted in the best possible way. High quality photos need to be used to showcase the best the property has to offer. Potential guests will want to imagine themselves there.

To get the best quality of photos you should ensure the following:

  • Good lighting

Essential – make sure that pictures are bright, having well lit rooms is important. Take the pictures on a bright day and keep curtains open to let light flood through. If you can add light then do so, professional photographers use extra lighting all the time.

  •  Less is more

Keep clutter out of the way. Hide TV controls and wiring, unless the feature is out of the window make sure that outside areas are kept clear so as not to distract from the focal point. No one wants to see a loo brush in a picture. Keep cups and jars facing the same way. Stage the photo so that it looks smart and well presented.

  • Have focal points

A lovely lit fire place or a bath full with bubbles and a champagne glass on the side will create focal points for the pictures. You do not need to photo whole rooms but the interesting touches that make it special.

  • Wide angles

Get some great wide angle shots showing the living spaces so people can imagine being there. A good picture to consider is a laid table for a dinner party and a lovely flower arrangement in the middle.

  • Outside

If you have outside space show them. Take photos in the summer when flowers are blooming, if you get snow in winter then take one of that too! Outdoor equipment such as hot tubs and play equipment make good photos.

Avoid having people in the photos, allow people to think they are the very first people to stay there!

Consider a professional photographer and at the very least use a good quality camera and have the highest quality resolution you can as these create the best pictures on websites. Consider using photoshop to crop and edit pictures too so that you can make them a good size and shape.