A Guide To Referrals

A Guide To Referrals

At Group Stays there are a variety of ways in which owners can be contacted by potential guests. Holiday letting is a very competitive industry and so owners need to ensure that their property is not only attractive but also be quick to grab the business as it comes through the door so to speak.

Different contact methods

On each of the Group Stays listing pages there is an Enquire Now button which is found at the bottom on the listing and moves down as people scroll through the listing on a mobile device. This allows people to make an enquiry directly to you by completing a short form.

There is also a contact owner button with a form that can be completed, these enquiries will go straight to you too.

There is also the ability to enquire about multiple properties from the Our Properties page through an Enquire Now button. This is why some of your enquiries may seem a little general rather than specific. Make the most of this to give the potential guest as much information about you and your property as possible!

Finally, a visit website button which will automatically take people off of Group Stays and into your own website is provided. Numbers are recorded for the number of people leaving Group Stays to go to your website and this is called a REFERRAL ie we are referring people to you. We monitor these numbers and let you know of them periodically so that you can tally them up with your own Google analytics data.

What do Referrals mean for owners?

Referrals are great!

People who want more details about a property or want to look at availability will click though to an owners own website for clarification or for more information. These are the keen potential guest and so everyone of these referrals should be valued.

Industry information suggests that 1 in 100 referrals ends in a booking subject to availability. The stats will be higher if online booking is available on the owners own webpage.

Over 80% of bookings in agencies are taken online. People are ‘online’ for a lot of the day and in some cases night and want the flexibility to be able to book at any time of the day and without actually having to speak to people. Therefore if you have an online booking system then you are maximising your booking potential.

We understand that it is hard for owners to keep a track of where their bookings are coming from and we strongly suggest that you monitor your Google analytics carefully as well as ask people where they came from upon booking.

At Group Stays we are generating a lot more traffic in terms of referrals than other websites therefore we are confident that bookings are taking place though our channels.