Communication with Guests

Communication with Guests

There are so many ways in which owners communicate with guests and all have a huge impact of business. Get this vital part of the process right and you will have happy guests who return again.

Communication starts the moment you receive an enquiry either by email or phone. Response needs to be quick and efficient.

  • Make sure that you answer all questions in the enquiry in full
  • If you can not accommodate their request then maybe offer an alternative. If you are already booked then tell them about your nearest availability. If they have too many people then tell them about the number you can accommodate and enter into a dialogue.
  • Ensure that you have links so that they can go back to your website. You could put this within the response or as logos and links at the bottom of your email.
  • Always thank them for their enquiry and respond to each one.

Your first response says a lot about you as an owner. Even if you cant accommodate them please let them feel like you have tried and value their custom. They will remember this and come to you next time.

Once you have made a booking keep the communication going periodically. You may need to ask them for a cautionary deposit. You may like to remind them about a final payment. Some administration systems have these emails built into the system and can make owners lives a lot easier.

Don’t forget to email them directions before their stay or have an area in which they can log into to look at further information.  Ask for room configurations in advance as well as their need to equipment such as cots or stair gates.

Allow guests to ask questions so that they are fully informed before they arrive.

Communication doesn’t stop on arrival. If you don’t already remember that asking for feedback after their stay can help you. Positive comments can be shared and criticisms can be acted upon.