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Focus on Wales - From the beginning at Tynrhyd

Why do we take a holiday? Why do we seek a change of scenery for a few days? Well, everyone needs the opportunity to take some time for themselves, recharge and find a better quality of life. A holiday or short break gives us time to connect with others and step away from the day to day rhythm of life. For the owners of Tynrhyd Retreat they did this, not for a holiday, but to change their whole lifestyle permanently. In this blog we look at how they did this and what they provide others as a result.

Many people wish to turn their back on their city life in search for a better and simpler life and Sian and Gareth did just this for them and for their three children now 10 and twins 8. They had a dream which they followed through with in difficult circumstances. Despite an economic recession and restrictive bank lending criteria’s they embarked on a million pound construction project with the idea of running a big business from the comfort of their own home and keep the family home in the hands of the family itself.

The family home belonged to Sian’s great grandfather and was one of the largest farms in the area however, despite loving the farm there was no one who wanted to keep up the farming tradition as Gareth and Sian had their own career paths within the financial and teaching sectors. A relatively deprived, remote and organic landscape with very little in the way of neighbours was isolating for the family and they faced a big decision. Sian and Gareth could see the potential of these challenges as they provide a blissful environment for those people looking to escape the fast paced, hectic lifestyle of modern life. An idea if an idyll only a short drive from major UK cities was formed  and Tynrhyd Retreat conceived.


Sian and Gareth set to work creating their dream and lovingly restore the home of their forefathers. Setting aside their careers for a while to establish a brand new business in the heart of Wales. These photos show just what a task that involved. They developed a complex consisting of a large luxury holiday property which is let as one for large groups, ideal for family get-togethers, reunions, special birthday and anniversaries as well as corporate away days and for various groups such as walkers, cyclists, astrologers and more. They have ensured that as well as being luxurious inside there is also a focus on the outdoors with a hot tub, football pitch and outdoor table tennis so everyone can get ,lots of fresh air and the safety in which to run around. The space both outside and inside in the accommodation is relaxing and as far from the stresses and strains of a cramped day to day life as you can find.


As a community this less populated area of Wales has seen huge benefits in recent years from collaborating and working actively with other local business to arrange taylor made packages which eases logistics for visits. Tynryhd promotes wedding packages for example teaming up with other local businesses to offer a bespoke and spectacular day for all involved.

Despite its rural location and appearance of isolation guests are only 15 minutes from the seaside town of Aberystwyth and the nearby beaches of Borth and Ynys Las. With a direct train line from Birmingham to Aberystwyth you can be sat in the hot tub within 3 hours of leaving Birmingham! Read more about Aberstwyth in the book 'Born on a Perilous Rock' by W.J.Lewis.

During your stay why not make the most of some local attractions by hopping on the vintage steam train The Vale of Rheidol and give everyone that extra special arrival or seek out some local farm shops and restaurants to support them.

Sian and Gareth are awaiting your call to join them in their dream so get in touch to find out more, we promise you will not be disappointed by what they have achieved. For more details and to contact Sian and Gareth click on any of the photos to be taken to an enquiry page.