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Are you a property owner? Are you looking to advertise your property with a company who truly cares about both you and the property? Do you want to get your property seen by thousands of people every week? If you are saying yes to these questions then read on and find out why Group Stays is an exciting new directory that will blow you away!

If you haven’t heard of Group Stays you soon will. A brand new online directory of holiday accommodation that will advertise a wide range of properties, of any size in any part of the country so if you have a 1 bedroom lockside retreat in Scotland perfect for a romantic tryst or a 20 bedroom mock Chateau in Cornwall ideal for a wedding celebration we are the perfect platform for advertising your property.

We have years of experience in letting holiday accommodation. Our sister site Sleeps12 was originally created by Jess and Ashley Vellacott and has subsequently expanded into a company that is successful and innovative. Sleeps12 are inundated every day with requests for properties that we just cannot fulfil for reasons such as these:

  • The properties are all fully booked
  • The client wants properties outside of Somerset, Devon or Gloucestershire
  • The properties we have are either too large or too small.

We felt bad about turning people away and so the idea of Group Stays was created. A website that advertises properties of any size, in any place and allows bookings to be controlled by the property owners. There are others out there that do the same but we believe that ours is better! These are just a few of the reasons:

  • An easy to use platform for both the property owner as well as the person looking for a property.
  • An attractive interface that is welcoming and designed professionally for maximum optimisation.
  • As well as the website you will also be part of a huge online marketing campaign which is already extremely successful. Since the start of the website our owners are already receiving 1000’s of referrals a month. 

All sounding good so far? You’re thinking ‘How do I get involved’?

That’s easy – follow these instructions…..

  1. Follow this link to groupstays.co.uk and watch the two videos where you’ll find out the facts and figures which we are sure you’ll be impressed with. The videos also introduce you to our team and how we got started.
  2. Fill in the Join Us form on the same page
  3. Once you have done that you will be given your unique domain and you can start to upload your property. It’s as easy as that!

We wont just leave you to it though, that’s not our style. We want you to be as happy as we are. We want to get you as many bookings as possible. We want the people using the website to be happy!

That is why we have a contact in the office, you saw her in the video, who will be in contact with you and help you through the process so your property is up and running as soon as possible. She is able to help with how to use the website, advise on photos and videos you can use as well as check the look of your page to ensure that it is visually attractive as this helps get bookings. 

If you have any questions please do give her a call and she’ll discuss your needs.

 We think Group Stays is fantastic – we cant wait to have you on board!