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We have some wonderful self catering properties to choose from at Group Stays. So be a 'fashionista' this year and do what all the 'cool kids' are and go on a self catering holiday!

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Self Catering

It’s all the rage these days to go to a ‘home-from-home’ house when going on holidays.  The bygone days of stuffy hotels with limited menus or even worse, establishments run by a ‘Basil Fawlty’ character are far behind us.  Nowadays people (by that I mean ‘you’) expect top notch appliances, fixtures and fittings and all the modern conveniences life has to offer.  Well why wouldn’t you!

Group Stays has a fantastic range of self catering cottages that will suit, regardless of the size of property you are after.  In one of our fabulous properties you will be able to create culinary masterpieces night after night, with the help of a little vino of course!  Cooking whilst on holiday doesn’t carry the same connotations as regular every day cooking at home does.  Cooking on holiday is all about fun, the collaboration and creativity.

Check out the Group Stays website to find your perfect venue for your next trip away.  We make sure that there are loads of pictures to see of each property so you’ll be able to check out each kitchen until you find the one you’re after.

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