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Fun things for December

Sometimes you just have one of those really exciting weeks where what you have seen and done gets talked about for hours. It has certainly been one of those kind of weeks in the Group Stays office and seeing as we are so excited we thought that we would share them with you. You really should check these out if you are staying in one of our properties!


Not exactly festive but hey we don’t care! It just so happens that one of our team members Sarah took her daughter, husband and grandson to Yammo in Bath. They have all been raving about it for days now. Bath Life Award 2015 for Best restaurant, Best UK Pizza Chef 2014, Best Margherita, Best Take Away 2014 the boys at Yammo have titles coming out of their ears.

Well worth a visit you can expect the most amazingly warm welcome and pizza like you have never experienced.

The rest of the office are planning a trip ASAP! We are just wondering if they will deliver to the office?

More Pizza!

Emily received an invite to the soft launch of a brand new Sourdough pizza restaurant in Exeter called Base+Barley. She obviously replied straight away, found a willing person to be dragged there with her and always looking for an opportunity to get dressed up went off to this on Sunday night.

Seriously cool, blonde wood, funky mirrors in the bathroom and original pizza toppings she enjoyed every second. We would highly recommend this restaurant to our Group Stays visitors if they are out and about in Exeter. 

Christmas Garlands

Who doesn’t love the sight of a welcoming homestead? We absolutely loved these Christmas Wreaths made by Sarah from the local TildaRoseFloristry. We think you’ll agree they are truly stunning.

Sarah uses a mixture of both fresh and dry materials from the garden such as hydrangeas, sage, bay and mistletoe and other things she finds while out walking the dogs such as dried seed heads, ivy and berries. She can also make Christmas arrangements, table decoration and garlands to order as well.

Check out her website and give her a call to place an order. 


We happened to stumble across the fabulous team at eatsleepdoodle at a local Rural Living Fair last weekend. Humorous and funky we think these products are THE THING for 2016.

We love the concept and the hours of entertainment they provide so we urge you to check out their website and get ordering.

Why not buy the bed set for your son or daughter for their first week at uni, an apron to keep at Granny’s house or even just the placemats to take with you to those pubs where kids are welcome but preferred if they are amenable – they’ll spend the whole time waiting for their food doodling rather than bickering and winging! Perfect…..

Why not order a table cloth for when you come and stay in one of our properties? It will make a lasting momento of a memorable stay.

Well that’s our fun roundup and we feel better for sharing these delights with you. Let us know what you think – we love a bit of feedback!